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Blessings Uchenna Alfred Obidi Obiakor, the granddaughter of Chief Nchikwo Ebeaku, born in Ogbunike, Oyi, Anambra State, is a true African Princess. Blessings got coronated as Chief Adannaya 1 of Igboland. She studied theology, majoring in soteriology. She received investiture as a Bishop of women clergy at the hands of the synods. She is an inspirational speaker. Taking the name of Blessings Heaven Landau, she has settled in Northern New Jersey, at her new home at Heaven’s gate.

As a CEO and President of the International Association of Women Clergy (IAWC), Bishop Blessings successfully organized programs to benefit young adults, teens, and US Military Veterans. Furthermore, Blessings served briefly on the Laughlin adversary board. In addition to heading the IAWC, she started her publishing company with her husband, Dennis W.U. Landau, an appropriately BHLandauTM publisher.

Blessings’ artistry takes various forms; She is the author of many secular and ecclesiastical books and writes books for children. In addition, Blessings is a singer/songwriter, a choreographer/ performer, an actress, a poet, an excellent storyteller, and a filmmaker. She created and produced Bongo Step, a fitness DVD combining dance and fitness training, motivated by an infectious African beat. Her latest play, the Root of Reconciliation, is a panacea for the difficulties of our world.

Adding to those endeavors, Blessings is an activist, a Bonafide freedom fighter on behalf of the Igbo people. She is a member of the National Register who is who in executives and professionals. Chief Bishop Blessings has accepted an invitation to help advance the purpose of building the Ìgbo Village at Staunton, Virginia, in the USA, Ticha Akuma.

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